Import EML into Outlook 2007 unbothered by any issue

The process to import EML into Outlook 2010 does not have to be a taxing one, neither does one have to learn all the complicated steps involved in the process. Downloading Mail Extractor Pro by USL software makes mail conversion easier than ever before. It is relevant not only for the special case to import EML into Outlook 2016 but also to convert data from apple mail, thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX into the PST format.

import EML into Outlook

The qualities that make this software distinguished from the ordinary ones

This EML to Office 365 converter software is definitely worth more the money you invest into it, the special features of this software are the proof of that. It proves to be multi-utility while also being safe for all sorts of data. The latter quality is especially useful considering that emails can contain all types of data. The conversion process tops it all with the effective yet simple steps, the paragraph below will explain it to you.

Simplest way to import EML into Outlook 365

The first step is to download and install this software. Once the software opens, the user will see several options- apple mail, thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML. As the user chooses the mail client, the entire database would be selected automatically. The user then has to choose the folders from in there that they want to convert. After the selection and deselection of files the users can move on to decide how many parts they want the PST files split into in case the files are too large. There is also an option to ignore the empty folders automatically. That is it, the results would appear within some time after the command.

Converts directly in mac

To avoid unnecessary hassle this software converts data directly in the mac. As a result of this, the number of steps required for the conversion is lesser and the conversion is less complicated. This plays a huge part in saving the users’ time.

This EML to PST Outlook software also uses the bulk conversion routine, as a result the amount of time required for the conversion is lesser. Also, the process is less repetitive and manual than otherwise.

Safe for Unicode data

Upon using this software one does not have to fret over the safety of any kind of data. This software is safe for all languages, even the ones that utilize double-byte characters. Therefore, it is no big deal to convert files that are in languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese using this software.

Keeps folders arranged responsibly

The user would not have to spend an iota of their time to keep the folders arranged properly. This software makes sure that the folders and subfolders are arranged in a hierarchical order. Locating any file therefore does not take much time for the user.

A trial version of this software is available below, click on the link to download it now. A full version can also be purchased directly, the link to it also is available below.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MBOX & EML files, Postbox and Gmail Data to Outlook for Windows and Mac.


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